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Points Which Separate Us From Others:-

  • Free inspection.
  • Pest Trend Analysis.
  • Best Pest Control Services
  • Customized pest control programs.
  • Pest management audits / consultations.
  • Professional service execution with recommendations for improvement.
  • Site inspection & service reports are provided on time to fulfill your audit requirements.
  • Regular updates on the infestation status at your premises.
  • Rodent Bait Station Installation & Mapping.
  • Insect collator Installation & Mapping.
  • Pest Control Service Mapping.
  • Use of Safe Insecticides approved for public health use by CIB / WHO / EU approved.
  • Complaints if any, attended immediately or within 24 – 48 hours
  • Herbal Pest Management Services are available.
  • Provision of Material Safety Data Sheet.
  • Promote Safety, Follow Code of Integrity, Ethical Conduct

Why we are Different?


Proper inspection is necessary to identify pest. it’s harborages their entry Points, Shelter & decide control measure.

Pest Identification

Identification of pest is essential to decide target oriented Treatment.

Pest Habitat

Knowledge of pest habits & behavior is also essential.

Entry Points

We find out entry points to deny the entry into premise. Seal this entry points permanently.


Readily available food acts as Source for pest. Always cover the food in kitchen. Do not spill food everywhere. Empty out dustbins often.


Identification of hiding places is important to spot the target. Destroy the harborages.


Droppings of pest give idea of kind of species. It also confirms active Movement of pest.


Monitoring of Pests using Monitoring pads. It gives information of Types of pests & their severity.

Level Of Infestation

Level of infestation helps to decide Number of treatments & frequency.


To decide number of visits at particular time interval as per level of Infestation is essential to bring pest population under control.

Customized Service

Customized service as per infestation, intensity & suitable to site is provided.


Sanitation should be complimented to keep hygienic condition.


Evaluation of job is confirmation of work.

Customer satisfaction

But customer satisfaction is motivation for us.


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