Disinfection Sanitization Treatment Service in Lucknow

Sanitization services and Disinfection

After the Covid-19 pandemic Sanitization and Disinfection, services have become an utmost priority for us these days. Since we know the importance of disinfecting and sanitizing our Cars, Home, Offices, Society, etc. So, it is a great idea to get your disinfectant and sanitization services done. Our pricing system is very much transparent, you can visit our website to check the prices before booking the services.

We make sure that the staff reaching you should be fully equipped and carry all the necessary equipment/materials with them. We provide our staff with all new kits when they visit a customer and make sure they are taking all the precautions. We will sanitize your society with Diversey Virex II 256 Chemical & ULV Cold Fogging Machine and make sure that no corner is left untouched.

Our Sanitization Services are reliable and high in Demand Among homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, resorts & hospitals. These Services are rendered by experts, who use non-toxic & effective chemicals to ensure the complete eradication of Germs and Pests. Our disinfection services are appreciated for timely execution but also for flexibility.

Office Home Sanitization Service in Lucknow

Call us for best-sanitizing services or disinfecting services. We are experts in giving complete sanitizing service to your office, apartment, home, society, residential as well as commercial space. We are a government licensed holder for doing this services and we assured to give the best service.

Sanitization service is to protect against bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Sanitization services include the process of reducing microbes to safe levels ie. 99.99 % of the micro-organism population. There is different chemical used to kill micro-organisms like Bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Chemicals are -Hydrogen Peroxide (10%), Sodium Hypochlorite (1:1000 dilution), Glutaraldehyde (up to 3.4% Solution), Potassium mono per Sulphate, Chlorine Dioxide, etc. The diluted disinfectant solution should be sprayed on surface areas like Door Knobs, Hand Railings, Handles, Biometrics, Tables, Chairs, Walls Conference rooms, Corridors, and staircase. Spraying is to be done with a ULV sprayer preferably. Misting to be done in an entire space to kill the microbes in the air.

Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Remove and wash contaminated clothing and footwear before re-use. Avoid breathing vapors or spray mists. Do not allow disinfection solutions to get inside electrical devices. Pay attention to adequate ventilation when using the product. In badly ventilated rooms respiratory protection has to be worn.

Pre-Treatment for Sanitization and Disinfection Service

  • Wearing of approved standard PPEs for protection from the COVID-19 Virus
  • Use of Hand Sanitizers at every stage
  • Only skilled technical 2 experts carry out the treatment process
  • Separate quarantine area at the treatment site for Donning PPEs

Post-Treatment for Sanitization and Disinfection Service

  • Decontaminate PPEs before the removal due to safety procedure
  • Disposal of PPEs like the kit, Gloves, Mask, etc. (Biohazard waste)
  • No re-use of any kit items.

Precautions we take during the Disinfection service

Being an expert in pest control agency in Lucknow, PPC is fully committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees seriously that is why we ensure proper hygiene and safety by following these steps:

  • Before entering your premise, Pestilent Pest Control technicians will do the following work
  • Undergo Through Daily Health Checks
  • Use Hand Sanitizer for disinfection
  • Wear Shoe Covers, Masks, and other Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPEs)

Advantage of disinfection service from PPC

  • Reduce the risk of infection in an enclosed area
  • Safe and comfortable environment
  • Responsible actions like hand hygiene and social distancing should be well-taken care off
  • PPC 24 x7 Service Near You

24 x 7 Service PPC is always near you to provide the Best Sanitization and Disinfection Service in Lucknow and we have the best treatment to get rid of wood Borer.  Call us at 97178 65646 or you can also contact us online for fast and effective service.

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